If you’re from Polk County, Florida, you might have been lucky enough to witness an unblessing ceremony by a bunch of atheists. Yes, you read that right. They even used unholy water to do it. Of course I’m wondering what precisely unholy water is. Did they curse at it or something? Maybe intentionally add lead, cysts, and other impurities? Whatever!

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Pablo BM (CC)

As an atheist, I find this, well, hysterical. Are they serious? Well, they obviously must be. However, I sincerely question their atheist street-cred. If one does not believe in a deity, then by extension, one does not believe that any religious ceremony has any real power. Blessing or curse, it does not matter. Who cares that the prayer given over that stretch of highway was worded in such a way that it implies that bad things should happen to any non-Christian? I mean, do these so-called atheists down there in Florida think that Muslims should also be offended by this blessing, since they don’t believe in the Christian God? Or for that matter, should Jews be worried about getting unwarranted traffic violations whilst traveling through Polk County?

To be fair, I must also point out that the silliness in all of this isn’t just on the side of the atheists. Polk County law enforcement should be ashamed of themselves for overreacting to the cute little atheists if they really did send the SWAT team after them. Really guys? Unless you got a really solid tip that they were stockpiling weapons for the second coming of a God they supposedly don’t believe in anyway, that was way too much! Wasting public dollars on something like that is inexcusable!

Liz Harrison (1719 Posts)