Yet again, I don’t like Rick Santorum. Have absolutely no use for him. However, no matter how much I might not like their daddy, I would never consider it a “good” thing to lampoon his children on the web. Yes, there is a double-standard, folks. It would be the end of the world if anyone played this sort of game with the children of any liberals!

Donkey down

Cliff1066 (CC), in the estimable battle to see just how low they can go, has really outdone itself. Wanna look at some right-wing analysis of this, look here. Now, while it might be tempting to go tit for tat on this one, I humbly suggest that instead of attacking minors from the left, vent your rage on the idiots that find it necessary to engage in these jackass games. Maybe will get the point if they see a fair amount of folks calling their entrants in their little photo contests what they really are! Now, if anyone comes up with anything more creative than my fan mail, please do let me know about it!

Liz Harrison (1715 Posts)