Islam not only allows lying, it actually encourages it. The term used for “allowable lies” is taqiyya, and it is specifically for protecting Muslims from enemies – that means Obama, and the U.S., in case anyone is confused. It doesn’t matter how nice Obama is to Muslim leaders, or the Muslim Brotherhood. They have, and will continue to lie to him to get what they want. And what they want is simple enough – they want to spread their ideology worldwide, and destroy infidels.

Yes, I called Islam an ideology, and not a religion for a good reason. Our own military spelled it out very clearly. There was a course available as an elective to our soldiers, but it was scrapped for being too controversial. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the course material was right, at least in determining that because Islam is not only a religious faith, but also a means of governance, it should be considered an ideology. The Obama administration has been making the tragic mistake of suggesting that there are moderate Muslims out there, and that they have the power to change others in the Islamic world to their way of thinking. That simply is not the case.

Obama Quran

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There are moderate Muslims out there, but they are being silenced by the radicals. Another problem with the Obama administration’s handling of foreign affairs when it comes to Islamic regimes is that it seems it does not take in the whole picture very often, if at all. That goes back to the problem of considering Islam a religion, as opposed to an ideology. While I am not suggesting that there is a “one size fits all” solution, failure to draw lines between say Iran, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and Yemen leaves an incomplete picture of the situation. Each of those nations requires individual consideration, but one must also look for the connections between them. They are there, and this is something that our one true ally in the Middle East region knows all too well.

Conservatives have been screaming for years that Obama is dropping the ball on Israel. And now, Israel is weighing its options for war against Iran. This administration probably is not prepared for this, and if it occurs before November, it could become a deciding factor in our elections. The Israelis already know what this administration should, and is preparing to act because it is becoming a matter of self-preservation for them. Iran is their primary concern, because unlike the liberals in America, they understand that a fatwa against nuclear weapons is meaningless. The irony is that the leftists here have actually pointed out why, in their ad nauseum analysis of the issue. Fatwas are not written in stone, and may be reversed for any reason. There is no supreme law in Islam that forbids reinterpretation of previous fatwas. On the contrary, the entire basis of their ideology is a series of statements that are later contradicted in the same text. The Qur’an runs the gambit from tolerance of different faiths, to radical calls to exterminate all infidels. That is because it is the history of Muhammad, and he went from being tolerant because he had to in order to survive, to being tyrannical because he could.

And there isn’t much tolerance going around in the Islamic world today. Whether it’s a rapper from Iran, or emo kids in Iraq, there are plenty of death threats to go around for anyone that doesn’t conform to hard-line Islamic leaders’ demands. If there is any doubt about the interconnected nature of the Islamic world, just consider the Palestinian author that was beaten in Syria, simply for having pamphlets suggesting that Syria must fall for Palestine to be free. But let’s go back to Obama’s pals in the Muslim Brotherhood for a moment. Now, it seems that the MB is taking a radical turn in Egypt, presumably in preparation for their upcoming elections. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, since the vast majority of Islamic terrorist leaders seemed to get their start in the MB. But what does it mean on the ground, in human terms? Well, for women, it means convoys of mobile female genital mutilation trucks hitting the streets of Egypt, offering free services to fathers wanting to guarantee that their daughters remain chaste. It makes one wonder, what would Obama think about that happening to his own daughters, since he’s apparently become so fond of placing himself in the shoes of victims.

But the victimization of women isn’t limited to Egypt, of course. Right now, the Obama administration is highly concerned with maintaining even a slightly decent relationship with Pakistan, so it wouldn’t be in its best interests to say anything about attacks against religious minorities there, including Christians. And if Christians wouldn’t merit the attention of this administration, there is no earthly reason to think that a Pakistani Hindu girl would matter. It doesn’t matter that this girl was raped, and forced into a marriage to an Islamic man – doesn’t matter that she is just one of many. Human rights aren’t necessarily a big deal, at least not if they get in the way of getting back in the relatively good graces of leaders that have no intentions of ever being true allies of the U.S. anyway.

But Obama is on top of all of this. He knows what needs to be done, and how to do it. There is nothing to worry about, and the U.S. is not going to get yanked into yet another war in the Middle East due to failures in diplomacy by this administration. Obama understands the Islamic mind. He has his finger on the pulse of the masses of Muslims, worldwide. Ok, I know no one is buying that one. Stay tuned until next week, when there’s a whole new crop of issues popping up all over the Middle East.

Liz Harrison (1715 Posts)