What I’ve come to refer to as “Conservative twitter porn” has been running rampant for months, and lately it seems to be getting a little worse than usual. I’ve offered my opinion on what conservatives should be doing on Twitter, and a little advice for new Twitter users. But, it seems we just have to keep upping the ante when it comes to stupidity on social media.

Yes, I have a couple lawyers at least on my Twitter lists, but because I don’t make a habit of engaging in illegal behaviors, I don’t tend to consider asking them whether or not a given situation is legally actionable. (Noted exception to that is in situations like this, where I find myself writing about the stupidity of others!)


First, I’d like to point out that the user @GregWHoward does block me, and the only reason I ever end up seeing anything from him is due to the wonderful world of re-tweets. The world of conservatives on Twitter is relatively small, so there are several overlaps between mine and his. In this case, someone was trying to figure out whether or not the tweet clipped above was legally actionable. It caught my eye because regardless of who is involved, I have a particular problem with electronically delivered death threats – as in I despise them, and take great joy in forcing the individuals that deliver them off servers whenever possible. This one was too vague for any such action, but it still points out something that has been bothering me for a long time on Twitter.

Beyond scaring the newbies, this nonsense is why liberals keep beating conservatives. We have too many people that find it amusing to engage in sniping at other conservatives, and proclaiming that certain people aren’t “conservative enough” to be considered loyal, or whatever other batshit nonsense comes into their stunted brains at the moment. But, back to Mr. Howard, the conversation over whether or not simply saying “murder” as a suggestion in a tweet was legally actionable took another bad turn.


I don’t make a habit of blocking people on Twitter, or anywhere else. On Twitter, it’s mostly just obvious spammers that get blocked. It’s rare for me to block anyone over a disagreement, although I’ve apparently been blocked by more than a few for that reason. Whatever makes folks happy. In Mr. Howard’s case, I have respected his choice, and have generally avoided indirectly dealing with him – in fact he was irate at the fact that I got pulled into this particular conversation. But, I will not apologize for pointing out that these statements against him are inexcusable, period.

There is no reason, and no excuse for making death threats against anyone on Twitter. There is no reason, and no excuse for making death threats against anyone anywhere. Since it seems that certain people really do not get this message, I will repeat myself, ad nauseum, on Twitter, or anywhere else I encounter this epitome of stupidity. While I despise the state of our legal system, and the proliferation of nuisance lawsuits, and regularly call out for tort reform to put an end to it, this is arguably the one thing I would love to give lawyers free reign on. I want to give lawyers the ability to litigate against idiots that run about threatening the lives of others until every last one of them is destitute in the streets. They are beneath contempt, and deserve to have every last dime stripped from them. I class them with child molesters, and rapists, that I also believe should be forced to make restitution to their victims for life.

So what should you take away from this? If you think that you might be breaking a law with something you’re typing on Twitter, you’re doing it wrong. If you think that it is somehow “cool” or “bitchin’” to move around in conservative circles acting like a badass, you’re doing it wrong. And finally, if you find that people like me – folks that rarely break down and block people over disagreements – start blocking you, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Liz Harrison (1729 Posts)