Apparently when one is a Congressman’s son, and beats one’s girlfriend, the penalty is just pleading guilty to simple assault with a stretch of probation to go with that. Hell, the liberal Huffington Post will even claim your daddy isn’t really helping you out – like getting a felony knocked down to a misdemeanor, and pushing your BS story about the girl breaking a heel and falling into that trash can cage.
Now, if there was really some semblance of real justice in this country, we would have some fairly sadistic justices on the bench to deal with these sorts of cretins. Instead of legal protections against cruel and unusual punishment, that would be what individuals that commit cruel and unusual crimes would expect to receive. The “bible” of prison administrators would be the works of the Marquis de Sade. And as for Moran, maybe he would face something resembling justice, as suggested by an anonymous Dominatrix:

Seems like Moran has power/control issues- and we should…explore that. He wants to treat his girlfriend like a living stress ball, reciprocity is a beautiful thing. So, first I’d blindfold him, strip him, and force him to kneel on an uneven, splintery board. I love flipping them out by ruining their balance, the constant shifting, and tearing of their own knees, shins and tops of feet. Then I’d take thin copper wire, wrap it tightly around his testicles and run the line of wire to a nail I have in the board he’s kneeling on and connect/wrap the end there. Between being off balance, trying not to shift because of splinters, and the wire cutting into him at his every twitch…it’ll be really uncomfortable.

Then I’d beat him from neck to ass with that lovely hippo hide flexible cane, until I’m bored, then switch (heh-sorry) to the signal whip.

He fucked himself when he beat someone, now he fucked himself yet again. Actions have consequences.

Liz Harrison (1722 Posts)