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So we are stuck with Republican bureaucrat John Boehner again till 2014. I know some voices shut down the #fireboehner people, because they rightly stated that there was no one else running. but isn’t that more disturbing?

We send Tea Party candidates to the House in hopes that they will stand for our principles and defend the Constitution, and when it comes to choosing our own leaders, we send the same people back up there just because they have been there the longest? We are on the brink of financial collapse, and in both the House and the Senate, we have fools leading our side who have been there for generations and are only in leadership because they have safe districts or States!? Come on now, are we conservatives or are playing DC politics here!?

Every leadership post should be challenged every year. It is something we must demand of the 2014 class of candidates – that they will vote to end the practice of seniority throughout the Republican Caucus. We need leaders who see the whole battlefield not just opportunities to save their own political hides.

Men like Boehner and McConnell do not understand Obama. They do not see his far reaching goals. He has already gotten a majority of the public used to this level of spending, and now he begins his final assault on getting folks used to higher tax rates. The Speaker and the Minority Leader already obliged him by giving up on the top 2%. Since Obama got that concession the rest will come easy unless we have folks willing to draw the line.

Alas, we have sent folks back to avenues of power unwilling to do that, and it would appear those “conservatives” we have elected are unwilling to take the risk to do anything about it. This does not bode well for our future, or for picking up the scraps after 2016. Neither the Speaker, nor the leader in the Senate, is the Divine Right of Kings – lets try to remember that.

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