If you’ve been around for a relatively long time, you’re aware of Own the Narrative (OTN) having the Matchcon show before. It has been gone for a while, and at least one or two other places have tried to replace it, to no avail. Well, have no fear – Matchcon, the original and the best, is coming back. Tomorrow night (Saturday, Feb 9th), at 10pm eastern, the show will be back in its full glory on OTN!

And the debut panel for the return of Matchcon is: Gary Eaton (@garysteveneaton), Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick), Billie Cotter (@BillieCotter), Doug Welch (@stix1972), Kyle Becker (@rogue1776), Fingers Malloy (@FingersMalloy), and Liz Harrison (@GoldwaterGal). If you don’t think that will add up to an interesting evening, you obviously haven’t been paying attention! The only question is, will it end up being as irreverent and hilarious as this:


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