Missed the broadcast? Catch the beginning of Liz and Eye’s interview with Katrina Rice (@Veribatim) – and be sure to catch the full version (it’s worth it!) The Pint-Sized Pundit weighs in on toy guns, and points out the obvious, that guns – particularly toy ones – don’t kill people. Then listen to Liz weigh in on big media blacklisting pro-2nd Amendment advertising like this:

And don’t miss the new Right War ad spot for Hugging Moore.


Then there’s George Neat, the Pennsylvania Confederate, talking on impeachment from a historical perspective – of course he’s racist for suggesting that Obama should be impeached. (full episode)

And finally, Liz and Eye Desert talk about crazy mayors that want to take away their residents’ guns, and they finally determine once and for all which is the best spy/action hero – Jack Ryan, Jack Bauer, or James Bond….

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