The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty is back, and this is the first episode with Taylor, not the infernal alias. And this time, he’s brought together an interesting crew to discuss drones.

Michelle Ray – You probably know her as @GaltsGirl on Twitter. She’s the social media maven for Conservative Daily News and can also be found at Blog Talk Radio – CDNews Radio every Sunday and Thursday night, on her show “In Deep with Michelle Ray”. If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you wouldn’t know Michelle is a radical Libertarian.

seanvenkmanSean Venkman – Sean is @MrFoPow on Twitter, and he is the host of Real Deal Talk Radio on BTR. Beyond his political punditry, Sean brings a little aeronautical expertise to the table, since he does a fair amount of flying. Otherwise, he’s been a good friend to us, here at Goldwater Gal Media, and we enjoy any opportunity we get to have a chat with him!

Allan Bourdius – Rounding out this panel is a gentleman from Pittsburgh, @AllanBourdius on Twitter. Allan, ironically enough, is married to a former classmate of Liz Harrison’s, and ended up coming across Liz not because of that, but because of Michelle Ray. Beyond hanging out on Twitter, Allan writes about various political and military topics on his blog, Their Finest Hour.

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