Barack Obama delivered a speech yesterday in Berlin, as presidents have done in the past. However, he wasn’t looking or sounding particularly presidential. Much has been said about Obama’s inability to think on his feet, and deliver coherent speeches without the aid of the teleprompter, and yesterday’s performance definitely illustrated that problem. But, beyond the issue of poor delivery, it seems that even overseas, Obama’s popularity is waning, because it seems there were a great deal more protesters in Washington complaining about his performance, than there were fans in Berlin. And, it’s never a good thing when the primary focus of the foreign press is that an American president is floundering. To see what all the talk is about, the following is a portion of this lackluster speech:

Obama decided to mention John F. Kennedy delivering a speech at the Brandenburg Gate – not surprising, of course. However, a more appropriate comparison would probably be Ronald Reagan, since Obama is focused on appeasing Russia at this point, at least on nuclear arms.

While it might be interesting to sit back and figure out exactly why Europeans aren't pleased with Obama, perhaps this is a good time to just enjoy the fact. Their motives probably have at least a little bit to do with Obama failing to shift the U.S. as far left as they would like, since there is at least a little talk about his not rolling back enough of the George W. Bush policies at this point. Maybe their consternation has more to do with governmental spying, or his talk of involving the U.S. in the civil war in Syria. In the final analysis, it doesn't really matter. He is a lame duck president, that apparently will not be enjoying anywhere near the popularity he is accustomed to worldwide.

Liz Harrison (1726 Posts)