It’s a new year, and sex is in the air. Yep, you read that right. The political landscape is generally a mess, so we may as well play around with the dirtiest parts of it. That, and Liz wants to see how many times she can get Taylor speechless in one hour. (If you’d like to place a bet, you can tag her on Twitter @GoldwaterGal!) Should be interesting to say the least! Definitely more interesting than debating whether or not the Republicans on the Hill will get the nerve to shut down the Obama spending spree (not likely), or John Boehner will prove he’s got a pair by sticking to his guns on unemployment benefits.

So, join us tonight at 11pm Eastern on FTR Radio. Click on “Chat” and “Listen” since the player in the chatroom is having issues. Or pick up the stream on ShoutCast.

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