GulchCast: 2017.01.23 – In Which We Discuss Swirly Things

GulchCast returns with another packed episode talking the latest in science, technology, economics and liberty! We’ll start out on a solemn note as Kenny’s home town in Georgia is recovering from a devastating tornado, we’ll have details on how you can help with the recovery. Samsung has finally told the world what happened with the Note7, we’ll have the rundown and what it means for the future of device development for the whole tech sector. Vine as we know it is no more, but the F-35 lingers on. And will the new FCC chair spell the doom of Net Neutrality?

Tune in tonight and join the conversation, live at 11 Eastern, 8 Pacific at!


American Red Cross • Salvation ArmySamaritan’s Purse


Samsung Officially Announces Findings of Note7 Investigation

Vine is Dead, Long Live Vine

The F-35 Still Doesn’t Work

Ajit Pai Named New FCC Chair

Luxury Bong Manufacturer Suing Smoke Shops & Convenient Stores Over Knockoffs

Kaléo Launches EpiPen Competitor That Costs Around 7 Times As Much

Source: Vigilant Liberty Radio

GulchCast: 2017.01.23 – In Which We Discuss Swirly Things

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