Texas Failing at Replacing Planned Parenthood


First, as usual when getting into the mess that is the abortion debate, I want to point out that my views on this issue are split – personal and public. My personal views are, well, personal and do not make it to the page. Don’t ask. All you will do is make me annoyed with you. My public view is simple – I’m not prepared to tell anyone else what to do with her body. I’m not living her life, so it’s none of my damn business.

Now, on to dealing with the folks who can’t just leave other people’s business alone. Oh, Texas! You’re just so precious! Your lawmakers thought it would be a good idea to try and make a replacement health care network to replace Planned Parenthood. And, to make it even better, you thought that sending women to clinics that probably would come off as at least a little judgmental to many women would be a great option. Of course, that isn’t the really big problem with your little venture here, is it?

In the effort to kill the hated Planned Parenthood in your state, yes you did spend a whopping $1.6 million – for NOTHING! Well, you gave it to your darling, Carol Everett, and her anti-choice organization The Heidi Group. They were supposed to get women to go to a group of clinics that you claim are better than those other ones you hate so much. Of course, that might be a little difficult for them to manage, right? They’ve been busy…. doing…. well….

No one seems to know what they’re doing.

Dropping by their website today, it was noted that they’ve been real busy doing nothing…

No site updates since September of last year! Wow!

What could possibly be the problem?

Well, it seems Everett isn’t happy with just $1.6 million. Her good work is stalled as she’s waiting for the taxpayers of Texas to shovel over another $5.1 million to her!

But, life is priceless, right?

Seriously, I think it’s time for Texans to think a little bit about this whole war on Planned Parenthood deal. It’s expensive, for one thing. Also, it’s not really addressing the underlying problems. Yes, we all know you want to stop abortions from happening. You won’t. That’s a fact. So, once you accept that there will always be abortions one way or another, maybe you need to think more about how to prevent them. How about campaigning for at least some of the birth control pills out there to end up over-the-counter? While you’re at it, just stop saying that there are piles of women who use abortion as birth control. It isn’t true, and it just makes people who are fence-pole sitting hate you – or at least back away from you because you might be crazy. Then there are the alternatives to abortion itself. While there are small pockets of activists who talk about improving the adoption system, there aren’t enough of them. Seriously, if you want to stop abortions, stop talking about just saving babies in the womb, and start fighting to make adoption easier. Also, please stop jumping on the “end all entitlement programs” bandwagon, not because I think we should have lots of them myself. You want to force women in low income brackets to have children, then you can’t turn around and tell them “too damn bad! I’m going to campaign to stop government programs that can keep you from being homeless!” Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

In case anyone is wondering why this experiment to replace Planned Parenthood isn’t working, beyond the possibility that the state of Texas was just scammed, women who go to those clinics know that those other clinics are all about forcing their beliefs on patients. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter – perception is everything, and the fact is that women who go to Planned Parenthood aren’t interested in being lectured to at all. That’s why they go there.

Lesson for the day? Back to the drawing board, anti-choice folks!

Feature Image: “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” by Women's eNews is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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Texas Failing at Replacing Planned Parenthood

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