The “saviors” of the GOP are not named Romney or Trump

My latest at Hot Air takes a look at Mitt Romney’s possible, and expected, entrance into the Utah Senate race, and the fact he and Donald Trump agree on a stuff a lot. Here’s a brief preview:

There’s a reason why Romney and Trump would probably work pretty well together…they actually agree on a lot of stuff. Yes, yes, Romney was one of the poster boys for parts of #NeverTrump, even if that placard of Romney and the horse wasn’t plastered all over my #NeverTrump apartment in 2016 (I went with Gary Johnson), but the ire could be more along the lines of character, with the occasional policy squabble. After all, Romney did push for American involvement in Syria in 2012, a plan Trump supported, even if the video of said endorsement mysteriously disappeared from Trump’s YouTube page sometime last year. Trump and Romney have similar views on immigration and China, something Romney fan Ross Douthat admitted in NYT by writing the ex-governor was more of a “restrained version of Trump’s nationalistic pitch.” Reason’s Matt Welch made a key point by reminding people Romney was able to push back against GOP primary opponents like Rudy Giuliani and Rick Perry, by harping on their apparent softness on immigration. Both Trump and Romney are in favor of increased military spending, with Trump’s 2016 plan quite similar to Romney’s 2012 plan.

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Source: Taylor Millard

The “saviors” of the GOP are not named Romney or Trump