Presidential Pro-Tip – Do Not Lie to Allies

It’s no secret that Trump has a tendency of making things up as he goes along, so no one is surprised when he lies. However, when it gets beyond the typical lies to his base to keep them happy and lies to the rest of us to make our heads implode, there’s a problem.

It all started in a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and it was all about Trump’s favorite topic these days – trade inequity. Trump’s claim to Trudeau was that the U.S. has a trade deficit with Canada, which is untrue when one considers the sum total of trade between the two nations. Technically, the U.S. does import more raw materials from Canada, but we more than make up for it in consumer goods and services. (Yes, we do buy a lot of building materials from Canada, but without them we wouldn’t be enjoying one of the best years in construction in at least a decade. Albeit, that’s according to my husband who sells those materials in the U.S., and our household bank accounts.)

Trump claimed that he corrected himself privately with Trudeau, but then there was this:

So, the lie continues on Twitter. But, that’s not enough to cover this one. The unusual circumstances surrounding what probably could have been written off as yet another Trump lie is the fact that Trump got caught on an audio recording saying that he knew he was lying. Yes, that was uncovered by the Washington Post and Politico, but to understand how bad this situation is, the story was even picked up by the online tabloid, Hello Giggles.

Yes, that means that Trump is making headlines as a liar to heads of state on a website that classifies a story about some Miley Cyrus song lyrics “News.” Talk about lowering the bar?

So, here it is:

Pro-tip for the President: Lying to world leaders is bad. It makes you look like a complete idiot, since most of the time, when you lie to leaders you are probably lying about something that you should know because you are the President. When in doubt, smile, shake hands with the leader, and talk about how much you like being friends with the other person in the room who undoubtedly knows more about being a world leader than you do. (Just skip that “friend” talk when you inevitably follow through with your stupid idea of meeting with Kim Jong Un.
He’s not your friend.)

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Presidential Pro-Tip – Do Not Lie to Allies