Trump’s 5G plans aren’t free markets

It leaked last week President Donald Trump’s administration was considering a couple plans on 5G, including nationalization. I wrote about it at Hot Air, pointing out the dangers of both. Here is an excerpt from the piece

It’s not necessarily nationalization, but it depends on the language of whatever contract the government gives to this mysterious “company outside of the traditional bidders.” It also depends on how “separate” the tech company is from the government itself. I reached out to Ryan Radia at Competitive Enterprise Institute on the issue, and he’s got more concerns about the government-funded centralization.

“It might actually be worse if the federal government co-develops the network with a private firm that is the putative owner/operator, as compared to an outright nationalized network,” Radia wrote in an email. “The resulting entity might well be exempt from laws governing federal agencies, such as FOIA, the Administrative Procedure Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act, and so forth. And the network operator’s liabilities would presumably be considered off the government’s books for purposes of calculating federal liabilities.”

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Source: Taylor Millard

Trump’s 5G plans aren’t free markets